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Posted by: Jack Daniels - 05-13-2018, 05:19 PM - Forum: Map Requests - No Replies

Map request - bhop_puf. I really would love to play my favorite bhop map on my favorite bhop server

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Posted by: oath - 04-27-2018, 04:06 AM - Forum: Map Requests - No Replies

css game banana page: https://gamebanana.com/maps/177425

and csgo dl since its not on gamebanana: https://mega.nz/#!fINFwLrT!QwB5jd4AKxqHPecWDE9JTtzJO9t3Y4JTGSIYVMb1cvY

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  April Giveaway! FT (0.24) AK-47 Vulcan
Posted by: ♂ DNA ♀ - 04-18-2018, 04:29 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

The second Abstract giveaway has now begun and the winner is set to receive a Field-Tested (0.24) AK-47 Vulcan. It has four C9 stickers on it too, if that's your thing.. if not, they are easy to scratch off. The month of March saw yet another record-breaking month of server revenue; thanks to all who played and all who donated or purchased VIP to support the community! Because of the successful month, we had a small chunk of change left over after paying the server costs; so we wanted to give back to those who have helped out, donated, and been most active. Best of luck to all of you; I hope this nice AK skin finds a good home!


  • The more active a player is, the more likely they will be to win the raffle (AFK manager will be used to remove idle players)
  • The contest / giveaway is to last two weeks
  • The winner will be drawn in two weeks, on Thursday May 3
  • Enter the raffle by going onto the main bhop server and using the !enter command in chat

[Image: tU9UZtw.jpg]

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  bhop_spring_chill Tier 2
Posted by: heck - 03-31-2018, 07:19 AM - Forum: Map Requests - Replies (1)


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  map suggests niggie
Posted by: heck - 03-26-2018, 10:44 PM - Forum: Map Requests - Replies (1)

https://gamebanana.com/maps/199354 tier 1
https://gamebanana.com/maps/199462 tier 2
https://gamebanana.com/maps/199247 tier 3
https://gamebanana.com/maps/198955 tier 2
https://gamebanana.com/maps/199117 tier 2
https://gamebanana.com/maps/199048 tier 3
https://gamebanana.com/maps/198874 tier 1
https://gamebanana.com/maps/198862 tier 2
https://gamebanana.com/maps/198852 tier 5

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  Custom Chat Tutorial
Posted by: ♂ DNA ♀ - 03-12-2018, 02:51 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Custom Chat privileges are given to VIPs, Abstract staff members, and select elite bhoppers in the community. This gives the user access to 3 functions that can be used to customize for name, tag, and colors that appear in different locations of the HUD.

  1. Custom Tag (applies only to Scoreboard and Voice Comms UI)  ---  console commandsm_cctag
  2. Custom Text Chat Color  ---  console commandsm_ccmsg
  3. Custom Text Chat Name/Tag  ---  console commandsm_ccname

1. sm_ccname  -  How to use

This command will set your name in the text chat. If you want your text chat to display a tag in front of it, you must include the tag as part of your name. So, if you want your name to be BestBhopper and you want a tag that says [Im Gay], you will need to issue a command like:
sm_ccname [Im Gay] BestBhopper 

The general format of this command is sm_ccname <color><custom-name>
  • <color> is a variable that is a name of a color, wrapped inside curly braces, like this :  {blue}
  • <custom-name> can be any name you want to type out yourself, like Mike Hunt, or [IFUCKED] Mike Hunt
For example, if you want your chat name to appear in blue color, and read [IFUCKED] Mike Hunt, your console command would look like:
sm_ccname {blue}[IFUCKED] Mike Hunt

Rules about color codes: as soon as you use a color code, any text that comes after will be changed to that color, unless you place a new color code, which will then change it. So, the color of the text depends on the nearest color code to the left. This means, if you want to make something like DOG you would need to write {red}D{green}O{blue}G
Available color codes{normal} {darkred} {pink} {green} {lightgreen} {lime} {red} {grey} {olive} {lightblue} {blue} {purple} {darkorange} {orange}

A note about the custom "tag" in chat name: the custom "tag" that you see in the text chat is actually just part of their custom name; you just add it before the name you want to use. Their is no separate way of adding a chat tag.. all you can do is modify the chat name, so you basically just add the tag onto the front of the name (which is what we are doing here (thats why we are using sm_ccname to add BOTH a tag and name)

Using a name variable: If you always want to make sure that chat shows your current steam name, even when you change your steam name on the regular, you can add in {name} to your command. We will see an example of this below.

For example, if you want a chat tag of [IFUCKED], you want your Steam name to come after, and you want it all to be blue, your console command would look like:
sm_ccname {blue}[IFUCKED] {name}

Take a look at this screenshot, where my custom name is  [Abstract] DNA (see bottom left of diagram)
[Image: 4800UL4.png]

Using what we learned above, you can probably guess that the basic command for this would have been sm_ccname [Abstract] DNA   (or sm_ccname [Abstract] {name})
Of course, that doesn't take into account any of the colors. Obviously there are quite a few colors in play, and you need to add each color separately, in the correct order.

Quote:tag + name = [Abstract] DNA
Command:  sm_ccname [Abstract] {name}

tag + name (with colors) = [Abstract] DNA
Command: sm_ccname {darkorange}[{purple}Abstract{darkorange}] {blue}{name}

NOTE To understand the colors, look at the example above. From left to right we see:
darkorange purple darkorange blue
so this is the order that we need to put the color codes whjen we issue the complete command. If our command without colors is 
  • sm_ccname [Abstract] DNA
then our command including the color codes in the right order should be 
  • sm_ccname {darkorange}[{purple}Abstract{darkorange}] {blue}DNA
(see diagram above for more info)

1. sm_cctag  -  how to use

The sm_cctag command allows you to create a tag that will appear before your name, and can be found in two locations
  1. Scoreboard
  2. Voice Chat
[Image: McRxEsA.png]

Remember, changing your name with sm_ccname will not change your display name (or tag) in the scoreboard or voice chat area. The only way to change the display name in these areas is to change your Steam name. However, unlike the text chat, the scoreboard and voice chat areas have a Tag and Name that are separate from one another. So, this allows us to modify the Tag that you see in these areas -- ONLY THE TAG.

This command only modifies the text of the Tag. There are no colors to worry about. You simply issue a command like
sm_cctag <custom-tag>

Example Tags and their commands
  • sm_cctag KRAZY GAYMER
  • sm_cctag [KRAZY GAYMER]
NOTE: If you want your tag to be inside of two brackets [Like This], then you need to include those characters in your command. If you do not, your tag will not have them!!

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  Bhop_cartooncastle add it baby
Posted by: name - 03-12-2018, 01:00 AM - Forum: Map Requests - No Replies


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Posted by: EzMoney - 03-09-2018, 09:36 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (1)

[Image: jXCCS8Y.png]
Welcome to Abstract, happy to have you. We will be hosting occasional BHOP tournaments from now on. This is still new and changing, all suggestions are appreciated and welcomed. Details below!

Tournament Frequency: To be determined.

Announcements: Tournament announcements will be posted on Discord, Steam Group, and Abstract forums.

When: Tournaments will be held during select weekend evenings/nights when most people are free.

Players per team: As it stands, three.

Teams: Players will talk among themselves and decide a team leader who will join the "tourney" section of the abstract discord. 
There we will update them about the tourney, brackets, times, etc. Each leader will name their two other team members and decide their team name.

Bracket: Brackets will be posted on the website and Discord.

Structure: Best of One. Single elimination. 

What Maps: Bhop maps are chosen at random.

Scoring: Winners are teams whose player had the best time meaning points are not cumulative. 

Time limit: 25-minute timer per map. 

Reward: Winners receive VIP on ABSTRACT, 5000 credits per winning player, and bragging rights. It’s all in good fun, so team up with your friends or go against them to prove that you’re better.

- If any player is found using any cheat during the tournament, all games that were affected will be subject to forfeiture and other potential penalties.
- Any players found cheating are subject to removal from all official Abstract tournaments.
- Substitutes must be pre-approved by @EZMoney or @DNA on Discord
- Each player must display well-mannered behavior throughout the entire duration of the tournament. This includes before, during, and after competitions. Good behavior is expected in all public areas of interaction which include but are not limited to in-game, discord, and abstract website.
- Poor or negative behavior towards tournament staff, sponsors, or other players is unacceptable and punitive measures will be taken on a case by case basis as determined by the tournament organizers.
- Intentionally losing a game, collusion, or any other action of a similar or reprehensible nature will not be tolerated.

Contact Us:

Abstract Discord: https://discord.gg/yyDn7hA 
Abstract Steam Grouphttp://steamcommunity.com/groups/AbstractBHOP
EZMoney: http://steamcommunity.com/id/EZZMONEYYYY/
DNA: http://steamcommunity.com/id/d_n_a 

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  bhop_nervosity2 [Tier-2]
Posted by: heck - 03-04-2018, 06:06 PM - Forum: Map Requests - Replies (1)


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  == Abstract Shop == [Screenshots & Prices]
Posted by: ♂ DNA ♀ - 03-01-2018, 09:51 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

This is a list of the player skins that can be purchased from the Abstract Shop, available on both bhop servers and the surf server. Player skins with red titles are only available to VIP members. Every attempt is made to keep the prices on here up-to-date and in line with those on the game servers. Prices on the game servers supersede those in this post.

Donald Trump
[Image: HRZbsyb.jpg]

[Image: Bd7hz1t.png]

Nano Suit
[Image: 5s57bg7.png]

[Image: lBmzGJ8.png]

[Image: qzUSFEN.png]

[Image: TNgtaTi.png]

[Image: kMKIsoW.png]

Miyu Schoolgirl
[Image: NsXGZZy.jpg]

[Image: 2WyWzh7.jpg]

Santa Girl

Flash / Flash Reverse / Flash CW
Price16500 / 17500 / 17500
[Image: VsVBxoQ.jpg]

Harley Quinn
[Image: 5mQkVEA.jpg]

[Image: kie1Sby.png]

[Image: LtVLzZ0.jpg]

[Image: S2YPk5L.jpg]

[Image: STrpqCU.jpg]

Darth Vader
[Image: Mk2myGU.jpg]

Jack Frost
[Image: NTYMuYg.jpg]

[Image: MA4syhl.jpg]

Heavy Phoenix
[Image: XSYY7xH.jpg]

Agent Smith
[Image: dNR0NtL.jpg]

Lara Croft - NudeBikini 1 / Bikini 2
Price: 35000 / 1850018500
[Image: XYIRMCC.jpg]

Bart Simpson
[Image: cqzQdze.png]

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