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[Image: jXCCS8Y.png]
Welcome to Abstract, happy to have you. We will be hosting occasional BHOP tournaments from now on. This is still new and changing, all suggestions are appreciated and welcomed. Details below!

Tournament Frequency: To be determined.

Announcements: Tournament announcements will be posted on Discord, Steam Group, and Abstract forums.

When: Tournaments will be held during select weekend evenings/nights when most people are free.

Players per team: As it stands, three.

Teams: Players will talk among themselves and decide a team leader who will join the "tourney" section of the abstract discord. 
There we will update them about the tourney, brackets, times, etc. Each leader will name their two other team members and decide their team name.

Bracket: Brackets will be posted on the website and Discord.

Structure: Best of One. Single elimination. 

What Maps: Bhop maps are chosen at random.

Scoring: Winners are teams whose player had the best time meaning points are not cumulative. 

Time limit: 25-minute timer per map. 

Reward: Winners receive VIP on ABSTRACT, 5000 credits per winning player, and bragging rights. It’s all in good fun, so team up with your friends or go against them to prove that you’re better.

- If any player is found using any cheat during the tournament, all games that were affected will be subject to forfeiture and other potential penalties.
- Any players found cheating are subject to removal from all official Abstract tournaments.
- Substitutes must be pre-approved by @EZMoney or @DNA on Discord
- Each player must display well-mannered behavior throughout the entire duration of the tournament. This includes before, during, and after competitions. Good behavior is expected in all public areas of interaction which include but are not limited to in-game, discord, and abstract website.
- Poor or negative behavior towards tournament staff, sponsors, or other players is unacceptable and punitive measures will be taken on a case by case basis as determined by the tournament organizers.
- Intentionally losing a game, collusion, or any other action of a similar or reprehensible nature will not be tolerated.

Contact Us:

Abstract Discord: https://discord.gg/yyDn7hA 
Abstract Steam Grouphttp://steamcommunity.com/groups/AbstractBHOP
EZMoney: http://steamcommunity.com/id/EZZMONEYYYY/
DNA: http://steamcommunity.com/id/d_n_a 

looks good i like. made small edit to the logos

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